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Asked by Chase Baggett

As you probably know, National Novel Writing Month is in November. I'm planning to participate and want to use Kabikaboo, but the lack of Document Statistics makes it hard. It would be useful to me if Kabikaboo could display such statisics as:

Word Count
Word Count This Session (Since application has been Opened.)
Time of Session

It would be extremely helpful if it could display these while you type. A feature I've long wanted in a word processor, but OpenOffice's writerstools is the only one I know of that has it, and its very bloated.

-Long Time User (Since your first p0ost on the Ubuntu forums :D)

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aidave (aidave) said :


Cool!! I will add these to the todo list (blueprints).

Where would you want this info displayed?
I am thinking the status bar...

Thanks for the suggestions! Good look with NaNo writing.

PS I am not personally trying to write 50k in November (it would be physically impossible for me, got too much else to do! lol) but I will use it as an excuse to write!!

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Chase Baggett (chasebaggett) said :

The status bar would work very well, as would a floating box. It would be awesome. I love Kabikaboo, easily my favorite writing tool. Others are too domineering, this one lets you write how you want to write, not how the designer likes to write. Much more free.

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aidave (aidave) said :

Thanks, I think the free nature of Kabikaboo is my favorite thing about it as well... but I think some people don't get it and need the predetermined structure of other programs. I have put a blueprint up for this:

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aidave (aidave) said :

This will be my highest priority feature for now. I'm hoping to get it out with v1.6 for Nov 1.

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Chase Baggett (chasebaggett) said :

I'd like to thank you eternally for this feature. I've been using it quite a bit. Plus, its extremely impressive how fast you had it in the branch! Holy crap, I think that's the fastest I've ever seen a feature be implemented.

Thanks a million times over.

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aidave (aidave) said :

No problem at all, I was happy to add it for you.
Programming in Python can not only be easy, but fast and fun!

I hope you noticed the "Calculate Statistics" checkbox in Settings.

A "Reset" button on the stats window might be useful.
If you'd like to add that feature, I encourage you to take a try.
It is not as hard as you might think.

Be sure to check out the new "Application Name" setting in 1.7.
There is also a text toolbar, but its unfinished and the changes dont save yet.
One of the things I realllly want is bold, italic, fonts, etc.