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Asked by Trond Husoe

What's the status of this project. It seems quite dead.

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Laszlo Pandy (laszlok) said :

Almost all work on Jokosher did stop for about 6 months at the end of 2007, but we have started working again, although slowly.
There are a few reasons for why Jokosher may seen dead. A number of us had other responsibilities during that time and were not able to contribute the same amount of time to the project. Others just felt they didn't have anything to do because many of the new bug that people want fixed and features that people request require fixed in Gstreamer. This can be frustrating because Gstreamer is much more complicated and written in C. Luckily for us Gstreamer is improving all the time, and maybe the time Jokosher was "dead" may not have been totally useless.

We will be making an announcement in the next two weeks about the next release that will be coming out in time for Ubuntu 8.10. We still need the community to decide what features and fixes should be included in this release, and there are a few features already in progress that need to be sponsored by someone. We could certainly use all the help we can get to make sure Jokosher doesn't continue to move so slowly. Even if you don't know coding we need people to take responsibility for a feature and make sure it is designed well and ready for public consumption.

Please join come IRC or start a discussion on the mailing list if can contribute.

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Trond Husoe (tr-huso) said :

I'm not a C ´╗┐programmer - if it is written in C that is, but I want to
learn it and if there is anything that I can do, let me know.

I have experience with php, vb, 6502 assembler, perl and now some c#.

I could start with "small jobs" like fixing shortcuts on menus and such.
Let me know. Also, I can't put in many hours every day, but some each
month. Again, let me know.


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Laszlo Pandy (laszlok) said :

Jokosher is written entirely in Python. Gstreamer is written entirely in C. But with your experience I bet you could learn Python in only a few days.

The feature I mentioned that needs sponsoring is called project templates. A large part of the coding is finished but it needs someone to make sure the interface is easy and people who are just starting to use jokosher can understand how to make use of a template. We have templates able to store instruments right now, but we need to decide if templates should include effects as well, or possibly other things. Basically the sponsor will see it through to completion.

I'm not asking you to take on this project, because it might be difficult for someone new. I just wanted to give an example of what I mean for a sponsor. Subscribe to the mailing list and keep checking, there will be some more opportunities soon.

Cheers, Laszlo

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molom (molom123) said :

Just make sure you can do some simple looping, which would make it a very popular program for newbies. Thank you for continuing the project, Linux doesn't have an equivalent to Garageband. Hope you can make it possible for there to be one :)


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