how to jump from slide X to slide Y or Z?

Asked by brunology on 2009-07-22

I'd like to know if it's possible to create a "non-linear" path across the slides..

I mean, in the slide 2 (let’s say) I tried to offer the possibility to jump to the 4th or 7th slide. So I created two buttons with these links: nameofmyfile.svg#4 or nameofmyfile.svg#7
But when I open the .svg file in Firefox and click on the links, I always go just to the next slide. No jump allowed.

Am I doing something wrong?

Or maybe this feature is not supported?
There's any turnaround to achieve this goal (like tweaking the xml code)?

Thanks for your help,

P.S. This request is quite unusual for presentations..
In fact I'd like this feature because I'm creating a sort of guide to the use of open content licenses, which requires different paths depending on each artist's desires and constraints.

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Ciao Federico,

I regret having to tell you that, at the moment, there is no simple way of doing what you want to do. However, there will be a rather simple way of making links in the upcoming version 1.3. The new version should be out in about two weeks.

If you don't mind playing with development code, you can branch the current trunk available here on launchpad. With this code snapshot you can create links by using "javascript:slideSetActiveSlide(<number of slide>);" as the href attribute (e.g. for a link to slide 3, create a link in Inkscape and in the "href" textbox of the link properties window put "javascript:slideSetActiveSlide(3);". But be warned, the code is still in development and may change before the release!

Hope that helps.


brunology (brunology) said : #2

Thanks Hannes for your reply,

as I have no hurry, I'll wait the release of the next version and then give a try.
I'll let you know then..


DaFeBa (dario-badagnani) said : #3

Short shot intro: I´m DaFeBa, graphical designer and I have a free software blog. I want to make JessyInk tutorial in Spanish, and maybe in the future some inkscape tutorials, I found Jessy ink a more practical way than images or video,

I´m using the 1.3 version, but I wan´t able to create a hiperlink. I tried using a simply "#3" and "javascript:changeSlide(2)" but that change the URL in the address bar but it doen´t go there unless you press F5 to reload. Is another way to make an hiperlink?

So far I made this:

Hola DaFeBa:

Have you tried using "javascript:slideSetActiveSlide(<number of slide>);"? It seemed to work when I just tried it. You can use "object properties" and e.g. paste the code into the "onclick" text field in the "interactivity" section. Please note that you have to subtract 1 from the slide number, as internally they are zero-based.

Let me know whether it worked for you.


P.D.: Ay y por cierto, muchas gracias por el esfuerzo. Me encanta la idea de que haya una tutoría de JessyInk en español. Avísame en cuando tengas una versión lista para ser publicada y con mucho gusto voy a poner un anuncio en las páginas de JessyInk.

DaFeBa (dario-badagnani) said : #5

That worked, thanks Hannes.

I think between making hiperlinks and and using the interactitivy functions there are a lot of posibilities to make interactive content. I will give it a try.