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Asked by Johan Rosenkilde on 2011-09-16

First of all: awesome work with this plugin! I found this because I got the idea of using Inkscape entirely for creating presentations, but my own idea was simplistic and more in the lines of Inkscape Slide. The idea of enabling slide-view with JavaScript is simple, great and provides possibilities not possible in pdfs and such.

In general, I think that the solution in JessyInk 2 with grouping objects for the effects is quite elegant and makes for an intuitive workflow. Moreso than the old one, where I guess you as a designer had to remember all assignments to all objects and their order numbers. This is not so practical when returning to the presentation a year later.

I have various small comments and suggestions to features. I know that 2.0.0-alpha is a very early version, and that you probably have thought of several of my suggestions already -- perhaps even implemented them -- but then just see them as feedback for cool features ;-)

- A default svg file to install in Inkscapes defaults-folder. This would give a "blank" presentation, containing the Module layer with all the JessyInk command objects.
- A Master slide possibility. This could be included as a special layer in the above default svg file. Furthermore, one could support changing the current Master layer during the presentation by creating a command object defining a layer to be a Module layer (if it contained that command object). This would superseed any earlier Module layers and be applied as a backdrop to all following slides, but would not itself be slide.
- It would be cool with a Display mode which hides the JessyInk command objects. I have no idea whether this is easily possible in Inkscape. It can be a bit difficult to overview the slides with all these objects flowing about.
- When playing the slideshow, it would be nice with a next/previous slide button which skips the transitions, or at least, when pressing next/previous several times, the current transition immediately continues to the next (i.e. if the next slide is a different layer, go immediately, if it is a different view, go to that view directly instead of first finishing the current one). This is e.g. the functionality of Sozi.
- Put pressure on the Inkscape designers to add a rotate canvas option when drawing the presentation ;-) This would be immensely useful if doing persentations in a Prezi/Sozi-fashion with multiple views with semi-random rotations.

Otherwise, thanks for the good work. I look forward to seeing the next version of the program.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback! I really appreciate it when users tell me about their experience with JessyInk and provide me with pointers on how to improve. As to your suggestions:

ad 1) A "blank" presentation in the defaults folder seems like a really good idea. I already wondered how I could do that. I'll look into that.

ad 2 and 4) Master slides and more sophisticated key bindings will be back soon. I still have to port these features from version 1 where they already exist. When version 2 comes out of alpha/beta it should have feature parity with version 1.

ad 3) It should be fairly easy to write an extension that hides all JessyInk elements. I already did some work in on this issue. The elements will simply be hidden. The nice thing about this is that they remain in the image, but Inkscape will completely ignore them (e.g. not consider them for the size of a group). I think that will help with editing presentation as it allows people to forget about the effects for a while an focus on the content.

ad 5) Well, I'll do my best, but I have no idea how much work that would be or how it could be integrated into the existing ui.

Thanks again for your ideas!

Johan Rosenkilde (jsrn) said : #2

Thanks Hannes Hochreiner, that solved my question.