Animation speed (vs. Sozi)

Asked by Alessandro Checco on 2011-01-31

I noticed that Sozi
 is considerably faster.

I prefer Jessyink, but the animation features are not usable because too CPU expensive.

Maybe can be a good idea to have a look at Sozi code and figure out why Sozi is so fast?


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Hi Alessandro:

Thanks for the suggestion. It might in general not be a bad idea to look at the Sozi source-code to see how they did things. Don't expect a big improvement in performance though. My conclusion from the profiling I have done was that most of the time was spent with the actual drawing (which is done by the browser) and not by changing attributes or doing calculations in JavaScript. It might be possible to improve performance by optimising the way drawing is suspended and unsuspended (or even forced).

I also tried to do some direct comparison of Sozi and JessyInk by using the same image and then installing Sozi in one copy and JessyInk in the other. However, so far I have not been able to notice any difference in performance. If you have any images I that demonstrate the speed differences and that I could use for comparison, I would be thankful if you could send them to me.


Alessandro Checco (blasphemie) said : #2

You are right. I made the comparison here using the "linear" option of Sozi animation (should be the same as your idea of transformation matrix):

Basically Sozi sometimes looks faster (but not in this comparison) because it allow to have different types of animation, like accelerate-decelerate and zoom-in zoom-out features.

It's still interesting to watch this comparison because:
1. Sozi file is really small, I wonder why
2. Animation of 3rd view is really different, I wonder why

I think there are two main reasons why the Sozi file is smaller. First, Sozi seems to use some JavaScript optimiser. Second, JessyInk has many more features. You'll be happy to find that version 2 of JessyInk is much more modular, so you only need to embed the code you really use into the file. I am also looking into using an optimiser to reduce the size and improve the code.

As to your second question: I have not yet found out why the transitions are different, but the result Sozi yields seems more natural. I will have a look at their code to see why exactly the results are different.