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Asked by TM on 2010-10-26

just be not misunderstand, i ve already using the search function and found some threads (questions) about this topic but, primaly they are more then one year old and secondly i ve found this so called "quick and dirty" example of a presentation done with JessyInk
Thier are a lot of transitions which might use a zooming effect, but the author doesn´t explain how he did it.

Can anybody explain me how this transitions (ex the map with the poping "Nice" at the end) can be done with Inkscape?

I know how to solce it with prezi, but JessyInk seems to be the better way

@hannes: Gute Arbeit!

Thanks in advance

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thanks a lot for the comment. The documentation is still pretty sparse, so feel free to post questions, if you can't achieve the effects you want.

As for your question:
*) Draw a rectangle and scale/rotate/move it until it covers the area of the slide you want to zoom in/out on.

*) Make sure only this rectangle is selected.

*) From the JessyInk sub-menu in the extensions menu in Inkscape select the "views" menu-item.

*) An options window will appear where you can set the order number and the duration you want the zoom to have. If you choose "0" as the order number, the slide will start showing the region covered by the rectangle.

*) Click "apply".

Note: The rectangle you assigned the view to will not be visible in the presentation.

An example and a similar explanation can be found in the showcase file:

TM (shanoviachan) said : #2

Thanks Hannes, i couldn´t found this attached Showcase.

Let me know if i can help you to improve the documentation?

hiimthomas (hi-im-thomas) said : #3

Iv done exactly as specified. and even downloaded the example files and tried to replicate the effects based on what was in those files. I cant get the zoom effect for the life of me. When i open the svg file in firefox or chrome all i see is a messy svg file of everything i have drawn on the page.

there is a crucial step missing in all this. This is very frustrating

Could you provide the file you are the trouble with? Recently. I found out that there was a problem with the packages for some platforms. Maybe you are affected as well. It would also be good to know which platform (operating system) you are on and which browser you are using.