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Asked by Duologic on 2010-09-27

Is it possible to set the viewport of a view to the width/height of the screen, so it doesn't cut of the sides? In combination with internal links [1], it could even be used to build some mini websites with JessyInk

[1] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/jessyink/+spec/internal-links

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Hmm, currently that is not supported to set a view to the width/height of the screen. The reason is that in this case you would either end up with scroll bars, cut off some content or change the aspect ratio of the presentation. All of which seemed to be bad choices for a presentation.

However, if what you want is to eliminate the black bars, you can simply set the size of the document in the document preferences to the aspect ratio of your screen (or the window you want to view the presentation in). If on the other side the idea was to change the colour of the bars, you can do that in the preferences dialogue as well.

Duologic (jeroen-xprsyrslf) said : #2

I guess I'm not really clear on what I'm saying.

When normal, ratio is kept as the presentation was made. When zooming in, the image gets larger while filling the browser window, instead of keeping the absolute width and height. Ratio is kept all the time. You can see it like watching a poster far away through the window and when the poster comes closer the picture you zoom in on gets clearer but not everything is visible.

I have a feeling it is a rather big thing to implement.

If I understand your question correctly, it is actually rather easy to do what you want to do. Actually, I had to go out of my way to implement the current behaviour, where the content is clipped to the size of the presentation. If you look at the JessyInk source code, there is a section where the clip path is first introduced as a definition and then set for each slide. So by just skipping this part you should get the behaviour you want.

Let me know, if you are comfortable playing with the code and whether it worked. If not, I can try and prepare a demo for you.

Duologic (jeroen-xprsyrslf) said : #4

If I find some time, I'll try to dig the code.

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