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I am hugely impressed by the inteface and functionality.

First off, I would like to highlight that it took me quite a while to get it working as I could not find a guide or a manual on configuring it. I eventually found this:

Now that I have it working, It works beautifully in Firefox. A working screenshot is located here:

However it seems to not work in IE8. Here is a screenshot:

Firefox error console output is:
Warning: Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element 'first'.
Source File:
Line: 0

My setup is:
Server OS: Ubuntu Lucid (10.04.1-LTS) x86-32
Web server: Apache 2.2.14
Collectd version: 4.8.2-1ubuntu0.1
Jarmon version: 10.7
Additional packages:
javascript-common 7
libjs-jquery 1.3.3-2ubuntu1
libjs-jquery-ui 1.7.2-1
libjs-jquery-ui-docs 1.7.2-1
libjs-flot 0.5-1

Client OS: Win 7 Prof. x86-64
Client browsers: Firefox 3.6.12, IE 8.0.7600.16385

Am I doing something wrong? I suspect that I might have a missing package or too. What do you think?


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Richard Wall (richardw) said :

Hello Viharm,

I'm glad you find Jarmon useful and apologies for not replying sooner - I hadn't been notified of your question.

The Jarmon user documentation is very sparse, but actually I have documented IE compatibility here:

Jarmon dependencies.js includes the excanvas library so it should "just work", however it will be very slow. The slowness is partly caused by the excanvas translation, but mostly because of the way the javascriptrrd library uses a snippet of VBScript (in IE) to parse the binary RRD files.

Treat the last part of the Chrome Frame documentation as a Blueprint of how I intend to improve the Chrome Frame installation options.

Anyway, if you install IE9 or install Chrome Frame, everything should load much more quickly.


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Richard Wall (richardw) said :

Oh yeah, I noticed there is a yellow script error icon in the bottom left corner of your IE screenshot. Turn on full IE script debugging and find out what that IE javascript error is.

I wouldn't be surprised if the error looked like this:

... in which case, make sure you remove any trailing commas from the array [] and object {} literals in your Jarmon recipe.js file - Internet Explorer cannot parse trailing commas

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viharm (viharm) said :

Hi RichardW,

Thanks for responding to my query. I looked at the bazaar link you mentioned. Unfortunately, I'm not as technical as you might think. I simply wanted a good looking web interface for the CollectD data off my home server.

You were absolutely right about both, the javascript error in IE and its loading speed. I've installed IE9, but the speed improvement is marginal, and nowhere near Firefox or Chrome. I haven't tested with Opera. However, my main query has been resolved regarding the use of IE.

I simply have one suggestion. As I mentioned in my post (2010-11-21), I had a hard time configuring jarmon due to my limited capability in coding. As I found out it isn't that difficult. The only missing link is the 'user' documentation. It would be very helpful for users if there was a guide (better than the one I've linked to. I know you must be busy. I can help, not sure how; but as I'm not a developer the guide might be very wrong in places as I don't really know how jarmon or javascript or jquery work :-(