php patch for php-fpm for apache 2.4 load balancer/mod_proxy_fcgi

Asked by Joshua Rusch on 2012-05-29

Hi there,

I'm trying to get apache 2.4 working as a load balancer for php-fpm. Unfortunately there are bugs in both apache 2.4 and php-fpm preventing this from happening. I've opened up 2 bugs,

I'm wondering if you guys would patch your php54 with above patch (even though apache side seems broken at the moment) when I get this all worked out? I'm guessing even if they like my patch, it could take ages to make it into an official release.

At this point I have to wait a few days to see what people at php and apache have to say. But I wanted to open the dialogue to see if you guys would be willing to patch your version of php ahead of it going in a release assuming they approve and commit something.



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Jeffrey Ness (jeffrey-ness) said : #1

Greetings Joshua,

Thank you for posting this PHP bug and patch.

I will review the patch, if it does not cause issues
for current php54 users will consider it for php54.


Awesome, thanks for looking into this. Hopefully the php people will add their 2 cents to that ticket some time this week. I hope.

Jeffrey Ness (jeffrey-ness) said : #3

I'm creating build php54-5.4.3-2.ius with this patch as we speak,
I hope to have it in test by tonight for the sync.

Once it is available I'll let you know and would appreciate if you could test it out.


Great, thank you so much! I will upgrade all my QA servers to it when its ready. I already already did the same with your php package yesterday just to test, it's what I'm running on my apache 2.4 test server. But I really didn't want to maintain my own set of php packages, even if it was just to add a single patch.

The problem on the apache side may not even exist when using the regular proxy directives, but I have to use mod_rewrite to get SEO URLs working. It's a shame this wasn't working perfectly at launch, I think one of the reasons a lot of people have migrated to nginx was for the easy config of php-fpm in a load balancer. Hopefully the now non-experimental status of the event MPM will mitigate some of the other advantages nginx had over apache as well.

Jeffrey Ness (jeffrey-ness) said : #5


Package php54-5.4.3-2.ius has been added to the IUS Testing channels,
you should be able to install using the below command:

   yum install php54 --enablerepo=ius-testing

Or you can grab the packages manually from our repo:

Please let us know how these packages work out.


Great news, I will let you know after I've done a couple of test installs. Thanks!

Hi Jeffrey,

I installed the packages on one of my QA servers last night, nobody complained about anything blowing up, but I don't use php-fpm there. I just installed it on my httpd 2.4 test server, and the patch seems to be working as intended.

Thanks for you help!

Jeffrey Ness (jeffrey-ness) said : #8

Excellent Joshua!

Really appreciate your assistance in testing the package,
we will get it in to IUS Stable on the scheduled push (after 14 days in testing).