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Asked by wlada on 2009-11-20

I went through help about creating patterns but I have still problem. As I create pattern, it's accessible from the fill and stroke menu but under strange name like pattern123456 and worse it's not saved (it's not preserved for next session with Inkscape).
It's quite crucial for me, as geologist, I would like to import, clearly name and save all the patterns from this page
Anybody has a clue how to do it?

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Best jazzynico (jazzynico) said : #1
knb (knb) said : #2

Do you create them from scratch as shown in the tutorial?

Do you want them as svg or bitmap?

Convert all multi-page-pdfs (from the web page) to single-page pdfs using some tool or programming language. (for instance, CAM::PDF comes with a script that will do the trick )

Convert each single-page-pdf to an svg using inkscape from the command line.
Delete all from the pdfs except the tile that you are interested in.
Save as svg.
Convert to pattern (don't know how to do this. I for one wanted transparent bitmaps.)
Export as png (optional)

wlada (kusbach) said : #3

Thanks JazzyNico, that solved my question.

wlada (kusbach) said : #4

2 jazzynico: Thanks, I was on that broken page and I've gave up searching (should think about google-cache next time).
It's really helpful tutorial and works like charm :-)