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what about ICM Image color matching and save the work as CMYK?

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Guido (gatorayado) said :

I have a problem with to send my work to the company who print it out.

They like to open the work in the colors of CMYK and all colors are not the originals.

What can I do, for solve this problem.

Thank a lot.


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Guillermo Espertino (Gez) (gespertino-gmail) said :

You can export to PNG at 300 dpi, then open the resulting file in GIMP and use the Separate+ Plugin
It separates the RGB original into CMYK plates and let you save a corrected TIFF.

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Guido (gatorayado) said :

Hello Guillermo,

I had select in the software GIMP the task bar:
"colours" (7.) / components (13.) / extract channels, colour plate: CMYK -> OK
(Farben / Komponenten / Zerlegen / Kanäle extrahieren, Farbmodus: CMYK -> OK)

The picture had changed from a RGB to the CMYK colorspace,
but there are no colours. The picture is black and only the parts there was colours, now they are grey.

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RIco (rico-rootscore-deactivatedaccount) said :

maybe you can try to import your svg in scribus (www.scribus.net), then from there you will be able to save a pdf in cymk.

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Best pbhj (pbhj) said :

Guido the grey parts are showing how much of the particular colour should be applied.

Imagine the layer is the black (K) layer, it is black and white showing where the ink is applied and where not.

The same is true of the other colours there is only a "value" for each pixel of how much of the other inks (C, M or Y) are to be applied at that point. Value shows on screen as black and so all layers (CMYK) appear to be grayscale.

This feature in The GIMP is only for outputing a CMYK file not for working on CMYK files, AFAICT.

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Guido (gatorayado) said :


for the tip from Rico and the answer detailed from pbhj.