Outset function gives erratic results

Asked by Brian Pickles on 2019-02-03

After using stroke to path (stroke set at 14px) on two intersecting circles then using offset on one circle to cut an opening at the intersection (think celtic knot) produces an offset of ~5px (offset step is set to 2px). once the circle is cut then it will produce an outset of 2px as expected.

Also, posibly a symptom, possibly a side issue. when I create an outset of a square the lines are blob like.

I have a file that I can send as an example if needed


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Brian Pickles (blpickles) said : #1

Document Properties; display units swt to px, background set to checkerboard, show page border unchecked
ellipse tool, create a circle (using cntl)
lock the H & W amounts and set them to 250 px.
remove any stroke by setting it to 0 <fill & stroke> <stroke style> <stroke width> --->0
duplicate the circle and move the duplicate horizontally using <cntl> so the radius of one circle passes through the centre of the other
select both circles
set stroke width to 14
select <path> <stroke to path> there should now be two ungrouped intersecting rings
change their individual colour to red and green
select the red circle
duplicate it
<path> <outset>
draw a bezier path around one of the intersections including all of the green and red outset
<path> <intersection>
select the remaining outset portion of the red circle(should already be selected) and the green circle
<path> <difference>
You should now have a complete red circle and a broken green circle. if you duplicate and use outset on both of these individually,you should see a big difference in size. The green circle is correct. Another test I have done and you can replicate is to outset the green circle before it is cut; in this case it has the oversized outset.

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #2

Hi Brian,

can you check the bug reports for your issue? https://bugs.launchpad.net/inkscape

We're in the process of moving our bugs from launchpad to gitlab, so if you find your bug here, please indicate that in any new report you make at https://gitlab.com/inkscape/inbox/issues/

The bug reporting template will guide you as to which info we need to fix the bug.

If you can, also try this out with the development version, in case it has already been fixed there. More info is available at
https://inkscape.org/news/2019/01/17/inkscape-launches-version-0924/ .

Brian Pickles (blpickles) said : #3

Hi Maren,

I have looked through the lists of known bugs and although there are some with similarities, I believe my issues differ because I can get outset to work on part of the file. Perhaps my issues are a clue as to a broader problem.

Inkscape version is 0.92.4 operating on Windows10

Brian Pickles (blpickles) said : #4

Yes, the problem still exists.

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #5

Thanks for testing, please visit https://gitlab.com/inkscape/inbox/issues/ to report the issue.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #6

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