How do I break this image up in Inkscape?

Asked by Jeff Rizzo on 2018-11-25

I have an SVG (located here: ) which is output by Fusion 360 using the 'Glowforge' exporter. I'd like to be able to edit it in Inkscape to move the individual panels separately to get better placement, and/or to color them differently so I can make the cuts in a particular order in the Glowforge.

I use Inkscape 0.92.2, which is the latest build available for the Mac.

I've tried Object->Ungroup, Path->Break Apart and Path->Object to Path, but none of them seem to do anything with this single object that shows up. Is there anything I can do with Inkscape to allow me to move these panels around? I can try different exporters (I've had a little better success with a DXF), but most of the time this SVG is what I want; it's only sometimes I need to edit it after export.


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Best Mc (mc...) said : #1

ungroup, ungroup, break apart, combine back the "holes", and you should be good

Jeff Rizzo (4-riz) said : #2

Thank you! The lack of visual feedback had me sure I wasn't actually doing anything, but this works.

Jeff Rizzo (4-riz) said : #3

Thanks Mc, that solved my question.

Mc (mc...) said : #4

basically, when you select an object you can see what it is in the status bar : if it's a "group" you can ungroup it, and if it's a "path" composed of several subpaths, you can "break apart"