Hi. I set the blur and the opacity on my pencil tool. When I come back, opacity has stayed, but blur has reverted to 0.

Asked by Rick Hedin on 2018-11-17

I don't know whether I'm doing it wrong, or Inkscape has a problem.

This is something I can fix, if it is broken. I can program in Javascript, C, or C++. Does Inkscape use any of those?

Let me know.

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Best Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #1

You cannot set blur for a tool. Blur is different from color etc. as it is not a style property, but a filter that is applied to the object. This is not a bug, but intentional.

You can, however, easily copy one object's properties (including blur) with Ctrl+C - then paste those to the new object with Ctrl+Shift+V.

Note that the way a filter looks depends on the size of the object it is applied to, and that Inkscape compensates for that.

So when you paste the same filter onto different sized objects, you will get different numbers for the blur value.

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #2

As for helping us:

There's a lot to do, and your help would be very welcome!

The program itself uses C++, and the Inkscape website will certainly have opportunities for a Javascript developer.

Find the code at



A short guide to contributing is available here:

Rick Hedin (rhedin) said : #3

Ah. You're saying opacity is a style, and blur is a filter. I was trying to set the Current Style, but blur is not included as part of style. Okay.

I am a very poor artist, and I needed to draw a face. So I set my pencil to not make much of a mark on each stroke, so I could make a million marks, adjusting as I saw how it looked, and ending up with a face that looked how I wanted it to.

So setting the blur after I finished wouldn't work for my purpose. But I was able to get the job done with unblurred lines, of low opacity. My face looks more or less good. Now to make another layer, and draw dark lines over the path I've mapped out.

Thanks for making the situation clear.

Rick Hedin (rhedin) said : #4

Thanks Hachmann, that solved my question.

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #5

If I understand correctly, this will also be useful to you:

You can make your lines look more elegant by setting a different level of 'simplification', in the tool controls at the top, or by using the B├ęzier tool to draw them.