Laying-out a planetary gear set. How to position the planetary gears at specific points around the central gear?

Asked by Lance Martin on 2018-08-13

    Just needing help with plotting 6 equidistant points around a circle. I get that I'd use the angle tool, but the only reference to it I can find is that there are two types; the geographic and mathematician. So for my specific question, "Where is the angle tool, and how is it used?"
    My specific design dilemma? I am attempting to lay-out a planetary gear set where the planet gears will mate directly with and attach into a motor-mount's bolt-hole pattern.
    I am brand new to this and am looking at an uphill fight. I'm telling you, any help at all would be, highly, appreciated!

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TylerDurden (8thrule) said : #1

Here's how I might do it:

Make a hexagon with the polygon/star tool, the corners being at the proposed planet centers
Snap the planets to the corners with object-center snapping
Convert the hexagon to a path object
Use node-edit mode to select all six corner nodes and convert them to smooth.


Best TylerDurden (8thrule) said : #2


And/or delete the hexagon converted to circle.


Lance Martin (thelanceman) said : #3

Thank you Tyler,
   During the time that passed between your answer and, this, my reply, I was messing around & am glad to say that I am now familiar with the centering tool! Soooo... armed with your explanation of using a hexagon, which is genius by the way, I have an understandable path to follow. At the moment though, I need to get about 45 min of sleep before work. But know this.... I'm chomping at the bit to try your idea.
Thanks for providing a great example, which I'm hoping will provide an ignition source in getting my brain to kick-start?!?
Much in your debt,
Lance Martin