when I open a saved svg file, I open another inkscape page

Asked by alessandro perseo on 2018-08-10

After converting an image from png to svg and saved in "save as" I try to open it from my download files but the svg file that there opens another page of inkscape, including converted image that I wanted to save, which goes to add to the side of the first page I used to convert. I converted images and saved other times and only opened the image that I converted, but lately I'm incurring this problem. I have uninstalled this and other versions but I am afraid it is not a bug problem otherwise it would have appeared already from the first times. I have not changed any settings and anyway with the further installations would have been lost. I rely on your experience and thank you in advance for the time you dedicate to me.

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Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #1

Alessandro, I'm sorry, I can't follow you.

Can you rephrase this in a step-by-step manner, please? And also explain what you want to achieve?

It could be you are doing this, perhaps?

1. Open PNG image
2. Select image
3. Use 'Path > Trace Bitmap', click Apply
3. Delete PNG image, keep new vector image (the status line confirms the remainder is a group, not an image)
4. Click on 'Save as...'
5. Select folder and file name and file extension is Inkscape SVG.
6. Click on Save.
7. Select new image in file manager
8. Open with Inkscape.
9. Get ...? Instead of ...?

alessandro perseo (powerjoint) said : #2

Hi Hachmann, ti sembrerà banale ma io ho bisogno di un immagine vettoriale da poter caricare su un gioco di auto per poter creare la mia livrea personale. I passaggi che mi hai scritto vanno tutti bene compreso "save as...", come da te suggerito ho controllato la riga di stato e dice che è un gruppo non un immagine. Qui arriviamo al problema: altre volte ho usato inkscape e quando salvavo ottenevo un immagine svg che poi utilizzavo, ora dopo aver salvato apro l'immagine dai miei files e mi apre un altra pagina di inkscape con dentro già l'immagine che volevo salvare. Non saprei cosa altro dirti per aiutarti a capire, ma ti invito a farmi tutte le domande che ti servono. Come sempre ti ringrazio per l'attenzione e l'impegno.

alessandro perseo (powerjoint) said : #3

Hi Hachmann, it will seem trivial but I need a vectorial image to load on a car game in order to create my personal livery. The steps you wrote me are all well understood "save as ...", as you suggested I checked the status line and says it is a group not an image. Here we come to the problem: other times I used inkscape and when I saved I got a svg image that I then used, now after saving I open the image from my files and open another inkscape page with already inside the image I wanted to save. I do not know what else to say to help you understand, but I invite you to ask me all the questions you need. As always, I thank you for your attention and commitment.

alessandro perseo (powerjoint) said : #4

How can I close the previous post 671484?

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #5

"when I saved I got a svg image that I then used, now after saving I open the image from my files and open another inkscape page with already inside the image I wanted to save"

This is the part that I do not understand. What exactly is the problem?

You open an SVG file.
In that file, there is the picture that you traced?

Isn't this what should be in the file? I don't understand....

Can you help by also providing the file names, maybe?... Not sure...

alessandro perseo (powerjoint) said : #6

Sorry, I was not clear enough, or maybe it's google translate that was wrong. After I saved I try to open the image file and it is at that point that opens another page of inkscape, I would like to open only the image but inkscape opens another page equal to the one where I already are, with the image already vectorized and ready to save.

alessandro perseo (powerjoint) said : #7

If I try to open the saved image, the result is that inkscape opens another page. I hope I have been clearer, but if not enough I will give you other items. Thank you again.

alessandro perseo (powerjoint) said : #8

The file name is "Scalable Vector Graphics file", but inside there is not only the image, there is another page ... with the vectorized image. Excuse me again for the trip I am making you do.

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #9

Can you repeat this with complete file names, please? I still don't get what the problem is...

Please write what you do like this :

I import (or open?) the file with the name abc.png
I vectorize the embedded png image, and then save the file as bcd.svg
I close the file bcd.svg.
I open the file abc.png/bcd.svg/???

What is 'open only image'?

You mean, open a raster graphic (a png, or a jpg file) with an image viewer, instead of opening it with Inkscape? Did you maybe overwrite the raster graphic with an SVG file, keeping the same file name?

What is 'open another page'? If you open an SVG file, Inkscape will open a new document for it. That is normal. So my current guess is that:

- either, your system tries to open all png/jpg images with Inkscape, instead of the program you normally used for opening photos etc.
- or you have saved an SVG file with the wrong file extension.

Please try to describe what you see with more words, and maybe try to find another way to describe it.

Hi hachmann, I'm back. Ok I'll do as you say, I describe everything in detail, I do this:
amount png image that I downloaded from google called "Cagliari-football"
bitmap vectors and in the bottom strip tells me that it is a group of 8 objects in level 1
I click "save as", I give him the name "drawing"
I go to the downloads folder and there is not the image that I have vectorized, there is a file called "drawing", if I go over it with the mouse it tells me that it is a "Scalable vector graphics file". If you open you get an inkscape page with the image I've vectorized inside, is this what should happen? I thought to find the png image that I downloaded from google called "Cagliari-football" with new name "drawing" but this time svg?

Perhaps the biggest problem is to make you understand what I want to communicate to you

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #12

Yeah, I agree. It looks to me as if your concept of vector graphics / file extensions / saving a file is still a bit unclear, which is pretty confusing from my point of view.

So, what I think you are doing is:

- Open a png image with Inkscape
- Select the imported PNG, then do Path > Trace Bitmap
- Save the traced bitmap as 'drawing.svg' in the file format 'Inkscape SVG' (see bottom of the dialog). Or maybe you really save as 'drawing', without the file extension (which isn't possible in recent Inkscape versions). That doesn't make a difference, the data is the same, only the name is different.
- And now you are surprised why the file is an SVG image - right?

If 'Save as ...' is set to 'Inkscape SVG', you will always get an Inkscape SVG. Check all fields in the dialog to see what you are doing.

If you use 'File > Export PNG image' you can export a PNG image. Although I'm not sure why you would want that - I mean, there must have been a reason why you traced the picture...

If you want to keep the original file unchanged, then do not name your SVG file with the same name. Same file names overwrite each other.

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