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Asked by Bill Watters on 2018-07-04

I have created a logo design and saved it as SVG file. I am trying to export it to WordPress > Elementor page.
After saving multiple copies of my logo I still cannot get it to appear as an uploadable file in any of my desktop folders.
I have tried saving an SVG from a 'select all' file. Then as an SVG from all layers. What is a Cairo PNG?

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Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #1


File > Export PNG image

Bill Watters (billyblue27) said : #2

 I bet there are a great many designers out there just like myself who found Adobe far too expensive and are now hoping Inkscape will provide a replacement for Adobe Illustrator.

Unfortunately, the option File>Export PNG image doesn't work for me. I have tried File>Save as for the artwork but the only file remotely resembling a PNG file might be Cairo PNG - I have no idea what sort of file that is. However, I have tried other file formats but none of the options will transfer to a WordPress site as a useable image.

The original Inkscape artwork is for a logo and was constructed on three layers. It would have been normal practice to flatten the layers but I have not found this option. So, Edit>Select All>Save as (select any one of several file modes) then File>Export as PNG and I see that it is being pointed to my hard drive as an SVG which just opens in WordPress as a blank rectangle.

I am still hoping someone who has been down this path found an answer.
Kind regards

Bill Watters

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #3

Hi Bill,

please do not use Cairo PNG. It's only going to cause you grief.

But please explain what is 'doesn't work for me', exactly?

a) the dialog does not open?
b) the dialog does not export anything?
c) ...?

If the dialog does not open, then:

Are you using two monitors?
Are you on MacOS?
Have you looked in the dock area? (you may need to close other dialogs, or scroll down, or watch out for an icon)

Flattening layers (for whatever reason - I don't see why it would be needed here) could be done by grouping everything.

The answers are here, you're not the first, and probably not the last user who has a question about exporting to PNG, but we need more concrete info than 'doesn't work' to be able to help.


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