Poor 'drag and drop' experience in the objects menu

Asked by Leinatan on 2018-06-06

(using Inkscape 0.92.3)

The new object's menu in 0.92 really is awesome, especially for those of us who come from the Adobe world. One minor problem, though, is that the drag and drop isn't working really well when moving one object from a layer to another.

For example, when I create a new layer and want to drag existing objects in it, I often have to struggle to get the objects to go to the expected layer. Most of the times, the objects simply get dragged out of their original layer to a 'non-layer' (i.e. they are dropped out of the layer but outside any layer, instead of inside the new layer).

The snapping and visibility of the drag and drop is, I think, the source of the problem. When dropping an object inside a layer, I can't see if I'm inside or outside said layer, as there is no visual hint (a hilighted layer or a preview of the new positioning for instance).
I don't know how much work this would imply for the developers to fix it, but it would be far more efficient for me to drag and drop objects smoothly.

I am aware that I can change the object's layer through right clic > move to layer... but I believe the objects menu is here for this purpose, and it really is a great tool (real good job by the way, I appreciate it!).

Maybe it's already been taken care of, but I couldn't find any similar topic in this forum. Let me know if it's already solved.

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Best TylerDurden (8thrule) said : #1

This is sort of a known issue, or at least it's discussed on the fora occasionally...

Let's say it's a very subtle distinction between the line that appears between items in the list and the outline that appears around an item, when dragging around the layers or objects dialogs. It can sometimes help to expand the width of the dialog, to see the difference better.


Leinatan (n-s-mendoza) said : #2

 okay, i then hope it's going to be taken care of one these days!