Why cant I export as png with transparency?

Asked by Kristin Hawkins on 2018-05-16

Version 0.92.3

Trying to export to a png with it being transparent.

Steps to create the image:
- Opened a .png file in inkscape. This .png already had a transparent background.
- Resized the image to a much smaller size. I made sure it was still transparent by creating a purple colored rectangle and placing the image on top of the rectangle.
- Changed the page size to a bit larger than the image.

I have tried several different ways to export to .png with a transparent
- Went into File/document properties and clicked on the Page tab. Clicked on background color and changed the A to 255.
- File/Export PNG image.

- In the Export PNG Image.
- Checked Hide all except selected.
- Clicked Export button.

No matter what I try I still get a white background in the exported .png.

Any help is appreciated

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Kristin Hawkins
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TylerDurden (8thrule) said : #1

Might be best if you can share an example image by posting a link to it on a sharing site like dropbox (this section does not allow attachments).


Kristin Hawkins (kdesign) said : #2

I figured it out.

After I shared the image on drop box I thought I would see how it worked in inkscape.
- I clicked on this dropbox link and it opened an image in a browser.
- I then copied the image from my browser to my PC and opened it in inkscape.
- I then exported the image to png and it was transparent. I left the background color the default.

My issue was I was changing the page background A to 255 thinking that would make it transparent. But if I leavethe background at ffffff16 it becomes transparent.


Elana Schutte (elanaschutte) said : #3

I am having the same problem. My background is transparent, but it is not exporting this way. Please help!