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Asked by Louis on 2018-02-05

I have a donut. I have a rectangle. I take the donut and place it over the rectangle. Object is to fill the donut hole. How do I do this without using paint bucket. Paintbucket does not always fill the hole completely.
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Mc (mc...) said : #1

duplicate donut, break apart, delete outer circle

Louis (reefdiver777) said : #2

The donut was just an example of an item with a hole in it. I want to be able to fill in a hole in any object without the paint bucket as the paint bucket does not completely fill the hole/opening.

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #3

That's exactly what Mc described.

In SVG and in Inkscape, every object can only have one specific fill color.
So you need to create a separate object for the fill.
Boolean operations are the fastest way to achieve that.
You could, however, also use the node tool to remove the nodes of the outer circumference that you do not need on the duplicated object.
Or you cold duplicate the object, then remove the inner nodes, and put it below the first object.

I usually just draw an object quickly (and dirtily), whose shape roughly corresponds to the hole I want to fill. I make it a bit larger than the hole, and a bit smaller than the original object. Then I put it under the original object. Nobody cares about the things one cannot see...

Set a fill for the object using the palette or the Fill and Stroke dialog.

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