Can anyone explain why this method worked for startup? opening Inks via image

Asked by Cat Meow on 2018-02-01

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First-time Inkscaper. Win10/0.92 64-bit start up problem. Saved file in c:\Program Files. Inkscape did not start after installation setup. Waited anywhere from 10-25+ mins, in between attempts to give it time to load. Did not start when right clicked icon. Did not start when opening directly in program files. The most I got was an hour glass that lasted 1-2 secs. Nothing in task manager. (win10 is latest update)

Un/reinstalled 3x - still no go. Tried restarting and logging out. Found other users with similar problems, with slight variations. Tried cmd.exe got message: 'inkscape' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Checked fonts folder and I have just the basics. Removed foreign language keyboards/etc.

After many failed attempts and frustrations, lost time, found another forum topic with same problem as myself. A user 'brynn' suggested opening the program via image. I found any old photo, jpg, right clicked and manually searched for Inkscape to open the file. About 5 seconds later it opened! IT WORKED. So I closed out of the app. Opened it from desktop shortcut, and it opened within a few short seconds.

My problem was solved BUT I want to know why it opened through that method rather than all the others. Just curious really. Anyone have an inkling?

(I included all steps just so you the process I took...sorry so long. Find a potato through google)

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Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #1

Subscribed Inkscape's Windows expert to the quesion, I hope he can help you here.

Patrick Storz (ede123) said : #2

To be hones this doesn't sound like anything I've seen so far and I doubt launching Inkscape by double-clicking an SVG file was what fixed the issue...

The usual cause of problems where "Inkscape does not start when launched via shortcut but starts when double-clicking an SVG file" is two parallel installations of Inkscape in two different folders:
- one broken installation that the shortcut points to.
- one working installation that the file association is referencing.

For all related issues I recommend following the steps at

In this particular case I assume an intermittent issue was what caused Inkscape to fail launching, e.g.
- security software
  (sometimes virus scanners don't allow execution of unknown files until
   they are "verified" by an upstream "virus lab" or the like)
- some lingering process in the background
- also note the task manager does not show all process unless you click "Details"

Cat Meow (nimblybimblymeow) said : #3

Right, I keep forgetting that thing about task manager..

I didn't check the virus solution, have basic avast, but a virus checker never popped up. I am assuming it would(?) but I really don't know.

I was thinking it might be the desktop shortcut but can't be because it gets removed from uninstalling the software.

I did follow those instructions from the link you mentioned, which I forgot to include in post. Now that I think of it, after one uninstall, I just did a search for Inkscape through file explorer and four things did pop up. They were located in the Prog Files folder. I tried right click + delete but got an error message but I don't remember the message..argh.

TylerDurden (8thrule) said : #4

Could be helpful to know:

Which specific Inkscape build...? Best to copy/paste from the Inkscape Help>About window.

Is the win10 version the "S" (restricted) version?

Which Inkscape installer was used (exe, msi, win-store)?


Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #5

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