Do I have a variety of brushes to use instead of that plain ink pen?

Asked by Zech on 2018-01-22

If this is a drawing software, isn't there supposed to be a menu of brushes I can use. Like a spray brush, a paint brush. And even custom brushes I can make myself?

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Best Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #1

Option 1:

You can change and adapt the settings of the calligraphy tool.

Option 2:

However, you can easily create your own brushes or use a predefined set from e.g. (mind the licence!)

As for how to use them:

- create a shape
- copy to clipboard
- when you draw a path with pencil or pen tool, select 'Shape: From Clipboard' in its tool controls bar.


- Many raster-type brushes are unsuitable for a vector drawing program, because they add too many nodes - you do not want a spray can type of brush for this. If that is your purpose, switch to a raster graphics editor, like Gimp.

- For spraying complete vector shapes, use the spray tool.

Zech (zechariah1645) said : #2

Too many nodes, that makes since. Okay I'll keep that in mind. I guess I'm just too use to Adobe Illustrator. That had tons of brushes. But I guess my problems solved. (I'm probably going to consider downloading gimp. )

Zech (zechariah1645) said : #3

Thanks Hachmann, that solved my question.