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Asked by Leinatan on 2018-01-18


(So I warn you it's again about a functionality that can be found in Illustrator but not Inkscape, and that prevents me from quitting adobe)

Here's my issue: I'm a student in urbanism, and I often find myself creating schematic maps and explicative drawings to present my projects. For that, I (well not just me, but me and my colleagues, and a lot of people in the field) import pre-existing maps in .SVG file format and then tweak them, simplify, add arrows, text, extrude polygons, etc.

Those drawings contain a LOT of objects (thousands), since they are maps, in different layers (buildings, parks, roads, etc). The possibility to list all those objects by layer on a side panel, like in Illustrator, really makes things so much easier. I can create sub-layers with a subset of chosen objects, and choose whenever I want to hide or display them, depending on the message I want to transmit to the audience, I can drag objects on different layers graphically, in an instant, and easily manage the numerous objects that are on the maps.

It really is the ONLY reason that make prevents Inkscape from being a suitable alternative for that specific task. Whenever I try to convince someone to make the switch, I'll always have to admit it cannot really manage objects and layers in an effective way (for this task), and I hate it... Inkscape is such a great app, I really am in awe in front of what it can actually do.

So I don't even know if here is the right place to ask this but could this ability be implemented on the next version of Inkscape? If it were the same form as in Illustrator, it would be a changing the Layers panel so that each object in each layer is listed, with the possibility to select, toggle visibility on or off, lock or unlock, click and drag in any layer every object or group of objects.

Also I don't think it's already been asked since I didn't find it, but I may be wrong.



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Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #2

Additional: Find it at Object > Objects

(available since Inkscape 0.92, January 2017:

Best TylerDurden (8thrule) said : #3

The Objects panel used in combination with the Selection Sets panel can be very powerful. Objects can be put in sets regardless of layer/group/etc. (retains foreground/backround/etc.)

When a set is selected in the panel, those objects will be selected in the Objects panel and can be locked/hidden/etc.


NB do not use document cleanup with selection sets. Sets will be erased.

Leinatan (n-s-mendoza) said : #4

Thanks TylerDurden, that solved my question.