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Asked by Valerio Macaluso on 2017-12-08

Hi all,
I created a map of my house using rectangles and squares. Every rectangle/square is labelled in "Object - Properties" with room name (kitchen, badroom, etc).
How can I see label room name in map centered to the room?
If I create a text object per room how do I center it to the room?

Thanks in advance,

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Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #1

The 'Label' that you can add to an object is purely Inkscape-internal. It is the name that is used, for example, to identify an object in the 'Objects' dialog. It has no meaning outside Inkscape.

The 'Title' that you can add would be visible as a tooltip when you hover over an object, when you open the SVG file in a web browser.

What you seem to be looking for is text that is grouped with an object. That is, a text that is visible in the SVG file without needing to hover over it. The grouping serves to keep them together, and not accidentally move the text.

Use the buttons in the 'align and distribute' dialog to align objects to each other.
More info here:

To group two objects together, select them, then do Ctrl+G (or right-click and select 'Group).

Hi Hachmann,
thanks for explaination, that's what I needed!