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Asked by Dante Camargo on 2017-10-19

Only 2 questions:

1.- Will Inkscape ever be capable to work within a REAL CMYK work space?
2.- Will you ever add a dark theme to Inkscape?

Thank You! I love Inkscape but I think those two things have been missing for years.

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Mc (mc...) said : #1

1/ already possible (just link the profile in doc properties and use the cms)
2/ already possible (just use a dark gtk theme)

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #2

Mc, I think your answer to 1) is a bit misleading - to my knowledge, there's only 1 way to get the colors back out of Inkscape, which is via Scribus, which has some functionality tailored specifically for use with Inkscape. Using the colors only inside Inkscape doesn't help much.

CMYK pdfs cannot be exported (unless the export extension on sourceforge has been updated?). CMYK PNGs or TIFFs are also not supported (as far as I know).
Or maybe are there any other tricks? Or have there been any changes to the CMS that I missed?

Mc (mc...) said : #3

Well, using Inkscape that way makes color-managed SVG files (so is "capable to work with a real cmyk workspace"), but for other formats you're absolutely right :)

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #4


My personal opinion is that this feature is not very useful within its current limitations. I wouldn't advertise it, as it seems like a project that has been started, and was on a very good way, and has then been stopped, when only that final (and maybe not so large? No idea, perhaps wishful thinking?) step of pdf export was missing.
This would be a great fundable project... I've read several people write that they'd pay for this.

Mc (mc...) said : #5

(Actually quite large: inkscape pdf export is handled by cairo and they don't support it afaik, so it would require patching all the color stuff of cairo; or making/using a custom lib for it)

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #6

Ah, okay, didn't know. Thank you!

Dante Camargo (dante-cs) said : #7

Thank you for all your answers and comments, I am no expert on this subject, all I need to know is how to tell inksacpe to generate a pdf file that prints correctly without changing the colors. I know Inscape only works with RGB, but when you go to the printing lab they work with CMYK and there is the problem, colors change!
Will Inkscape be capable to work just like illustrator generating files for printing with CMYK profile embedded?

Best Mc (mc...) said : #8

> all I need to know is how to tell inksacpe to generate a pdf file that prints correctly without changing the colors.
Import color-managed svg within scribus to generate a color-managed pdf :

Dante Camargo (dante-cs) said : #9

Thanks Mc, that solved my question.