Bezier curve outline

Asked by John Cushworth on 2017-10-03

I am using the bezier tool to create a curve with a broad stroke width(5mm) then I have been trying to use dynamic offset effect to create an outline. I can get the outline showing but cannot figure out how to delete the original bezier curve just leaving the outline.
Desired outcome is a thin outline which I can manipulate separately.
I am sure this is basic but I am a new user

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John Cushworth
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Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #1

Can you try the following options, and see if one of them suits your needs:

1. Select Curve, do Path -> Stroke to Path to convert the stroke into a filled outline.

2. Select the offset object, and do Path -> Object to Path

3. Draw the path, then use the PowerStroke feature: Select path, go to Path -> Path effects -> + -> PowerStroke -> then fiddle with the settings and drag on the pink diamonds with the node tool.

4. Use the calligraphy tool to draw your curve.

John Cushworth (johnccc) said : #2

Thanks for the prompt response. Still fiddling with your suggestions will post more when had time to work with it for a while.
I did get a work round by setting a thin rectangle outline in the clip board and using this as a stroke brush.

John Cushworth (johnccc) said : #3

I found a simplified way to get what i needed
Create bezier curve with spiro setting
then add path effect 'power stroke' without converting to either path or stroke
go to edit node mode play with pink handles until you get what you want
remove fill
set paint to what colour you want and you are left with a very thin outline just what I needed