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Asked by Ondřej Rozum on 2017-09-30

Impossible to print on 10x15cm photopaper properly. This dimension is not available in page sizes and when I set it manually, it doesnt work right.
Wanted to print 6 little photos on 10x15. Placed photos preciselly on the page. Set printer (Photopaper Plus Glossy II with right dimensions 10x15) and printed. Result is that photos are placed wrong, only half of them are printed and the other half is cut on half.

I think that Inkscape send some wrong coordinates to printer. So Inkscape puts ZERO somewhere else than printer is expecting. So computer says: Ah, we will print A4, the ZERO is here. Printer: Ah, okay, I will print 10x15 with ZERO out of printing area (paper surface).

Are you planning to add these photopaper templates, please?

I dont understand what for then is exactly this software. If it doesnt print right, then it is not for printing (and making documents for printing) but it is neither drawing program since it can only save to PNG.

BUT I love this program.

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Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #1

One clarification:
Inkscape saves as SVG, it *exports* to PNG (and many other file formats, also to pdf). Please make sure you always save as Inkscape-SVG and to use 'Save a copy...' for exporting to other file formats, else you will lose information, or you won't be able to edit your file again.

And one more:
Inkscape is a vector graphics editor, it's not the best tool to edit and print photos. If you are not using the vector features for your pictures, it would be worth to investigate Gimp, for example, a wonderful, open source photo editor (

That said, to help you solve the issue (or find the corresponding bug report - there are many known bugs with printing on Windows), we need more details.

Have you placed all of your pictures in a single Inkscape document?
What is your operating system?
What is your Inkscape version (see Help -> About)?
What is your printer brand/model?

As a workaround, have you tried saving a copy of the document as pdf, opening that with another software, and printing from there?

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