Problem with file's export to PDF or PNG

Asked by Patryk Bartnik on 2017-09-01

At first sorry for my english.
I have a problem with exporting files to PDF and PNG
As for PDF when i use filters for example: blur or shadow after export in PDF file i cant see it.
All is fine except for filters. (i m saving in 1.5 PDF, rasterization of filters on or off - doesnt matter - not working)

As for PNG when i exporting to it, file's element has different color - hue from SVG file.

So all in all i cant reach the desired effect.

(version of Inskcape 0.92. WIN 10 HOME)

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Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #1

Can you share the SVG file? It seems this only affects the background pattern, so you can remove everything else from the file you share.

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #2


I think I can reproduce this (for the pdf) with a pattern fill that consists of blurred objects. If this is what your drawing is, then
instead of adding an SVG image here, you can also create a new bug report, with steps to reproduce + minimal SVG image for testing. I cannot reproduce for PNG, but I've only used a simple blur filter.

Patryk Bartnik (bartnol) said : #3

I will send u file in private message

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #4

As for the png problem - the background is partially transparent. If you put a white rectangle as big as the page size below your image, does it look correct then? If so, the issue is due to the background color of your png viewing software.

Else, I cannot reproduce - in that case, please update to 0.92.2 (in case it's an error that has been fixed) and try again. If it then doesn't work, please also send the dialog settings and the exported png image.

As for the pdf export, with 'rasterize filter effects' checked, I cannot see a difference, the shadow below the magnifying glass icon is rendered correctly (which is missing when filter rasterization is deactivated).
Same here, please try again. If it still doesn't work, update to 0.92.2, and try again. If then it doesn't work, it might be an issue related to your specific Inkscape download, then please indicate which file you used for installation, and also upload the pdf.

Patryk Bartnik (bartnol) said : #5

OK, i updated to 0.92.2 and problem with shadow is solved, but when i want to blur my background (i mean little circles) after export to PDF this layer dissapears.

As for PNG, i think that background creates an optical illusion maybe, because RGB or HTML code of burgund color is the same as this in the Inkscape... But PDF viewer is rendered coretly... dont know!

I m going to send u all 3 files. Thanks for helping

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #6

Interesting. The pattern gets exported, but it's somehow not visible when the object was blurred.

Could you now make a bug report, with a minimal test case? It needn't be your original design, but can also be any other object that demonstrates the issue.

Thank you!

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