Unlock guides - new guides in a project default to locked

Asked by Sara on 2017-06-15

I just downloaded inkscape v.0.92 today, and I'm working in a particular project where newly created guides are default as locked and cannot be moved. When I double click and check the Guideline properties the [Locked] box is greyed out. Is there a way to unlock this guide so I can move it?

Snapping is enabled in this project.

I tried restarting inkscape and it still happens.

I created a new inkscape project from scratch and it does not happen. I create a guide in a brand new blank project and the guide can be moved. This is what I want to achieve but in this particular project I'm working with.

I have multiple layers in this project so I really don't want to have to import the project into a new file layer by layer if it can be avoided.

Thank you!

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TylerDurden (8thrule) said : #1

If you could post a link to an example file on dropbox.com (or similar) that could help us examine the issue.

One way to transfer to another Inkscape file and retain layers:
Open new document .
Delete any layer in the new doc. (i.e. Layer 1).
Import the problem svg, it will be a top-group of four groups in "root".
Use the XML editor to "un-indent" each group of the four groups to remove them from the top-group.
Use the Objects panel to convert the four groups to layers by clicking on the group/layer icons.

Sara (cestlasara) said : #2

Hi there,

Thank you for your response. I found the solution to my issue, purely user error :)

There's a little tiny lock icon on the top left corner intersection of the ruler guide. I somehow mistakenly pressed it and this unlocked all the guides.

This case may be closed!

- Sara