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Asked by willi_legrand

I am trying to divide a circle into 14 equal parts. The angle is an odd one (25.7142857). Inkscape help says I should set the angle under the Steps tab in the Document Properties dialog. I don't see a Steps tab. I am using Inscape 0.46 on a Mac with System 10.5.6.

Suggestion: It would be nice if there could be a option to divide 360 by how many times needed.

Thank you

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Best RIco (rico-rootscore-deactivatedaccount) said :

if you have an intel mac download the latest development version here:
and check if the steps option or the polar grid is available.

I don't know how to do it with the steps,
but with the polar grid extension (Extensions> render > polar grid), you can tweak the parameters to obtain your divided circle
i set it like:
Major Circular Divisions: 1
Major Circular Division Spacing : diameter of your circle in px
Subdivision per Major Circular division: 1
Angle Divisions at Centre: 14
Subdivision per Major Angular Division: 1
... basically tweak as you like

if you have a ppc mac.. as i do.. then with the last ppc development build from the link i gave you.. there is no steps.. and no polar grid.. but you can still do it..
1. draw a circle
2.when your circle and the ellipse tool are still selected, you'll see in the tool control bar "Start" and "End", keep start at 0 and put your "odd" angle in end, like this you'll get your first part.
3.with the select tool, click 2 times on the circle part to turn the handles into rotation handles. a cross will appear in the middle of it. drag the cross to the centre of the circle (it will snap to it), this will ensure that when you rotate your part it will rotate around the circles centre.
4.duplicate the part (Ctrl+D or right click>duplicate or Edit menu> duplicate), and rotate it with a corner handle
5. repeat 4 untill you complete your circle

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willi_legrand (imdipped) said :

Hi Rico,

Thank you for your detailed reply. I am temporarily using a June 2007 MacBook Pro (Intel).

Please accept my apology for not replying sooner. I caused myself no end of grief when I messed up my x11. When I reasoned that all the trouble I was experiencing while using the development build of Inkscape couldn't be the application itself, I deleted all the x11 and Inkscape applications and downloaded all over again including the Quartz x11.

Everything worked using the polar grid with the settings you supplied.

I was expecting a Steps tab in the Document Properties dialog because that is mentioned in the online help manual “Inkscape... Guide to a Vector Drawing Program” 2nd Edition by Tavmjong Bah

Chapter 5. Positioning and Transforming
Under Inkscape Coordinates last paragraph, it says:

There are two competing camps for how angles should be defined. Fortunately for the peace, Inkscape supports both through the Compass-like display of angles option under the Steps tab in the Document Properties dialog (File →Document Properties... (Shift+Ctrl+D)).

That is what I originally queried about.

Thank you again Rico,