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Asked by Paul on 2017-04-21

I have created a form that fits an A4 document that has some text, shapes and images. When I 'Save As' that to emf file (I need that format) the resulting document is huge and spans many A4 pages. How do I save the file as emf but restrict its format to A4 only, ie as I see on the editor? TIA.

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Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #1

Hi Paul,

which program do you use to open the saved emf file?
Which Inkscape version are you using?

I tested with Inkscape 0.92.1 and LibreOffice, and the size I got was correct, after opening with LO.

Can you upload the svg file and the resulting emf somewhere? (do not use email attachments, they do not work)


Paul (starb7) said : #2

Hi Maren

I am using the latest version, Inkscape 0.92.1 r15371. I can't upload anything right now but will come back next week with the files. I opened the saved emf with Windows default app, Microsoft Paint. I suspect it's something to do with the image I imported being so big.

I have used Smart Draw before and that restrained the output image to A4 and thought this would do the same.

I need to look at the user guide (RTFM!) and make sure its nothing to do with the size of the import file.

Many thanks.


Paul (starb7) said : #3

I have uploaded two test files in a zip to

The svg fits nicely on the A4 page but the emf is huge.




Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #4

Mmh. The SVG is A4 for me, and the emf is A4, too, in LibreOffice. I've got no Windows, so cannot try it out or make any suggestions regarding MS Paint.

I suspect it might have something to do with how the Windows application interprets the dpi of the file.
Would it be feasible to just resize in that application?

Just in case, I've played a little with the units, maybe that will make a difference:
(will expire in 7 days)

Kind Regards,

TylerDurden (8thrule) said : #5

I could not replicate the issue opening the emf in Illustrator, Corel4, or Affinity Design. All showed approx. 210x296 (mm).


Paul (starb7) said : #6

I have opened the file in a different app and it seems to be OK. It would appear that Microsoft Paint is scaling the image up to match the embedded image files that I have imported. if I import an 'actual size' jpeg, ie one that is 'A4 wide' the scaling does not occur.

thanks for your help and for looking into this issue.