ungroup picture to hange colors

Asked by Beverly Shaw on 2017-04-15

After converting to SVG I would like to ungroup the picture to change colors of the different parts. Such as an apple. Red body brown stem and green leaf. How do I do this

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Best Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #1

Hi Beverly,

if your image consists of grouped vector paths, you can select the group, then ungroup (right-click, ungroup or Ctrl+U).

However, I suspect that you have imported a raster image into your SVG file (e.g. you imported a jpg or png image). This will not change the structure of the image, it still is a raster image (an image consisting of colorful dots) and does not consist of separate shapes. You can find out which kind of image you have by selecting it with the selection tool, then looking into the status bar at the bottom.

If it is a raster image, you need to vectorize it first.
This can be done either manually, by tracing the image with the tools Inkscape provides, or automatically, by using the autotrace feature of Inkscape.

To learn more about the difference between a vector graphic and a raster graphic, see, for example http://vektorrascheln.de/posts/2015/Dec/inkscape-fuer-einsteiger-teil-i-grundlagen-en.html .

To learn more about vectorization, please refer to the tutorials that come with Inkscape (Help -> Tutorials -> Tracing).

Kind Regards,

Beverly Shaw (blshaw44) said : #2

sounds good will give it a try again. Thank you