Writing text along a circular path

Asked by Thri Cipio on 2017-04-06

I'd like to create text inside a circle such that there would be one phrase at the top and another phrase at the bottom of the circle. Each phrase would be read from left to right. The ends of the top phrase would bend downward to follow the arc of the curve above; the ends of the bottom phrase would bend upward to follow the arc of the curve below.

I believe this has something to do with creating a "path" and somehow getting text "attached" to the path, but I can't figure anything out beyond that. If someone can point me to detailed instructions on this—the more detailed the better—I'd certainly appreciate it. And I guess the more these instructions are geared to those (like me) who know almost nothing . . . well, all the better, still.

Thanks ahead of time for whatever help you can provide.

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Thri Cipio (thricipio) said : #2

Thank you. This gets me well on my way, but so far, I do have one question.

The referenced page states, “By turning the circles into half circles and setting the text to center-justified, the text will automatically be centered at the top or bottom of the circle.” So, how does one go about "turning the circles into half circles?"

Thanks again for the help.

Thri Cipio (thricipio) said : #3

After a bit more exploration, I see that "turning the circles into half circles" is meant more figuratively (pun intended) than literally. In any case, I think I now understand how it works . . . more or less.

Thanks, Tyler for the help. Much appreciated.

Thri Cipio (thricipio) said : #4

Thanks TylerDurden, that solved my question.