How to resize a rectangle with a pattern fill without resizing/moving pattern?

Asked by shinyblue on 2017-03-27

Take an object and convert it to a pattern.

This gives a rectangle with a pattern fill. If you then try to alter the size of that rectangle with the mouse the pattern controls get priority and the pattern is resized.

There used to be a useful bug in that if you resized the pattern then pressed undo the pattern control stayed in the adjusted place even though the size was re-set which freed you to grab the rectangle's size control! But some helpful soul appears to have fixed this bug in 0.92pre1 :-O

Is there a way to resize the rectangle with the mouse that I'm missing? It would be fab if rectangles had size controls on all corners, or if I could use a keyboard modifier key or toggle button to deal with overlapping controls?


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Best TylerDurden (8thrule) said : #1

With the Select tool active, there is a button on the control bar (at the end), that controls the pattern fill: when de-activated, the pattern should not move when the object moves.

It will appear to be moving/scaling the pattern when scaling the object, but upon releasing the mouse, the pattern will revert to un-transformed.

Chime back and let us know if that resolves the issue or not.


shinyblue (shinyblue) said : #2

Ah, ok, many thanks.

I was trying to do it with the rectangle tool, but I see this is an alternative solution.

shinyblue (shinyblue) said : #3

Thanks TylerDurden, that solved my question.