How to move objects to different layers

Asked by Bonsai

I'm sure this answer is somewhere but I apologize for not being able to find it. I have created a number of objects that I now wish to layer. Only I don't see a way to move the objects off of the base layer. Did I do wrong by not creating my layers first? Do I need to start over and create the layers, then the objects? Or can I somehow pick the objects and move them up or down in relation to each other? Seems like this is an easy one, so I'm embarrassed to be asking.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Best RIco (rico-rootscore-deactivatedaccount) said :

you don't need to start over, to move your objects you have different ways:

1. create your layers, and cut(ctrl+X) your object, select the layer where you want to paste it and ctrl+alt+V to paste your object in place on the new layer


2. create your layers, then select the object you want to move to another layer and shift+PgUp (to move 1 layer up) or shift+PgDn (to move 1 layer down)

have a look at the Layer menu, you'll find useful options.

remember PgUp PgDn move your object up and down on the same layer, shift+PgUp shift+PgDn move your object 1 layer up or 1 layer down

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Bonsai (gt-bonsaiforyourbusiness) said :

Thanks RIco, that solved my question.

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pbhj (pbhj) said :

Just a note for anyone using KDE. KDE maps the Klipper "Pop-up Menu" to Ctrl-Alt-V. If you want to use this key combination in Inkscape you'll have to remove it by choosing a custom combination (eg "None") from the "Configure Klipper" dialog. HTH


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scott romack (sq11u) said :

This does NOT work.

I am using v. 0.48 and copy and paste creates pixels from my lovely vectors. What's the point of that?

I was trying to trace a bitmap to vectors and it was impossible to move my vectors above.

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su_v (suv-lp) said :

@scott - if you happen to use Inkscape on a Mac, please read this section in FAQ:
and adjust the X11 pasteboard preferences as seen on this screenshot:

You can change that X11 preference setting on-the-fly (no need to restart X11 or Inkscape), but you'll have to redo any copy&paste of vector objects.

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scott romack (sq11u) said :

Yeah, that totally fixed it. Thanks!