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Asked by Peggy on 2017-03-23


Can an image be cropped in Inkscape? If yes, can you explain how?

Thank you

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Best Eman Modnar (eman-mod) said : #1

Yes, create a closed shape above* your image (e.g. rectangle, color and stroke style doesn't matter). Now select both, your image and the new shape, then right click the selection and choose "Set Clip". You can clip not only bitmaps but any objects.

Now if you want to make cropped raster copy of your clip you can press Alt+D, or you can just "export selection" when your clip is selected.

* - you can define in preferences whether upper or lower object will be a clipping path.

Have you read Tavmjong's Inkscape manual? I really recommend you to do that. The manual: And the part related to your question:

Peggy (proofjhi) said : #2

That is perfect. Thank you so much for answering my question and the additional information. I am new at vector graphics and I have "set clip images into shapes (which is cropping) but for some reason I didn't even think of doing that to crop in the way I needed to at the time.

I do have an Inkscape manual, but it is at home and I was at work when I posted the question, I'm not sure if it is the one you recommend but I will check it out.

Thank you again, you were very helpful.

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #3

@Peggy: for some other options, please also see