inkscape 0.91 will not open svg. pages getting inkscape encountered an internal error and will close now message.

Asked by Mike Gallagher on 2017-03-20

I have been attempting to open up some inkscape files (saved in svg. format) and every time that I do so I get an error message. The message states " inkscape encountered an internal error and will close now." These files were saved under inkscape version 0.91 but I can't open them now. Is this a bug that can be fixed?

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Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #1

Hi Mike,

can't tell without the file - can you please:

- specify your Inkscape version
- your operating system (+ version)
- and upload the file somewhere, so people can have a look?

Does Inkscape start correctly if you don't open it with a file? (if it doesn't, you don't need to upload one of the svgs, but please upload a copy of your preferences file somewhere (Edit -> Preferences -> System -> User preference).

For uploading, please use a file hoster, e.g. upload to, or google drive, or Do *NOT* attach anything to your email. It will be lost.


Good Morning,
Software and Operating system specs:
Inkscape version 0.91
Windows 10 pro

PC - Dell Optiplex 7020
I5 - 4590 CPU 3.30 GHz
Mem - 8GB
64 Bit Operating System
No touchscreen.
Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 4600

Link to files:
Link to preferences:

Inkscape opens correctly when a file is not selected or if a file is selected that was created in version 0.48

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #3

Thank you, Mike.

I've tested opening these files on my Linux system, and it works without an issue.
So this appears to be a Windows-specific issue, or an issue that is specific to your computer.

Browsing the bug reports, I found three issues that could be your problem (but probability is low):

- one is with 32bit Inkscape version of 0.91: crash on opening file if it has been edited with an external editor and the whitespace has changed (

- one is with characters in the path that are not within ASCII space (i.e. special characters) (

- one is with loading from a slow external drive (

Does any of this apply to you?

If not, could you please do the following:

- open your Windows terminal
- start Inkscape by entering "inkscape"
- try to open one of the files

Then copy paste the output on the terminal in your next comment. (in case you need help with that:

Kind Regards,

Good afternoon,
We have checked with the user that is having the issue and none of these issues apply.

At this point we have the end user using 0.48 however we would like to get this fixed.

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #5

Hi Mike,

well, that's really not a very informative error message... :-/ (I wonder if maybe it printed something on the terminal after the user clicked on 'Close'?).

So, the next step would be to create a new bug report, where all the info you gave here is stated, and all the files you put up here are attached to the report. Also try to find out which Inkscape executable (32bit or 64bit?, msi or exe or paf?) the end user had installed.

Would you do that? It would be better if you could create the report, because developers may have questions, that are better routed to you directly, or even to the user directly, who can subscribe there.

If you need a fix ASAP (and would maybe even be willing to pay - it sounds a bit like there's a company? If not, it might also help to describe the situation), you could additionally ask on the developer mailing list if one of the Inkscape developers would be able to invest some time into this.

You could also try if any of the development versions fixes the issue.

Kind Regards,

TylerDurden (8thrule) said : #6

Cannot reproduce with Inkscape 0.92.1 r15371, Win 8.1, 64 bit.

All files open here ok.


(Duplicate of comment in bug report.)

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