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Asked by Peter Morozov on 2017-03-19


I using Adobe Illustrator shortcuts set (xml provided) in my Inkscape 0.92.1 r15371. System: Windows XP (SP3) x32 RUS

1) I reassigned some missing shortcuts: Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+] to "Lower" and "Raise" commands (Object) in Preferences, but this combinations still rotate the object instead.

2) Ctrl+Shift+[ and Ctrl+Shift+] does not work

3) How to add Ctrl+Space area zoom shortcut?

This whole block in Adobe_Illustrator_CS2.xml does not work:
  <bind key="bracketright" modifiers="Shift,Ctrl" action="SelectionToFront" display="true"/>
  <bind key="bracketright" modifiers="Shift,Ctrl" action="SelectionToFront" />

  <bind key="bracketleft" modifiers="Shift,Ctrl" action="SelectionToBack" display="true"/>
  <bind key="bracketleft" modifiers="Shift,Ctrl" action="SelectionToBack" />

  <bind key="bracketright" modifiers="Ctrl" action="SelectionRaise" display="true"/>
  <bind key="bracketright" modifiers="Ctrl" action="SelectionRaise" />

  <bind key="bracketleft" modifiers="Ctrl" action="SelectionLower" display="true"/>
  <bind key="bracketleft" modifiers="Ctrl" action="SelectionLower" />

  <bind key="g" modifiers="Ctrl" action="SelectionGroup" display="true"/>
  <bind key="G" modifiers="Ctrl" action="SelectionGroup" />

  <bind key="g" modifiers="Ctrl,Shift" action="SelectionUnGroup" display="true"/>
  <bind key="G" modifiers="Ctrl,Shift" action="SelectionUnGroup" />

  <bind key="2" modifiers="Ctrl" action="SelectionLock" />
  <bind key="2" modifiers="Ctrl,Alt" action="UnlockAll" />
  <bind key="3" modifiers="Ctrl" action="SelectionHide" />
  <bind key="3" modifiers="Ctrl,Alt" action="ShowAll" />


Please help me fix this issues



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Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #1

Hi Peter,

depending upon your keyboard layout, some shortcuts may not be working.

For example, with a German keyboard layout, I have to press down the Alt Gr key to get the [ (square brackets). Combining this with Alt + Shift doesn't appear to work.

Is this the case with a Russian keyboard, too?

I understand this only addresses part of your issue.

These are some (possibly) related bug reports I could find:

You can subscribe yourself to the issues that match your problem, and update them with more info (e.g. newer Inkscape version).

If there is an issue that is not matched by an issue that is already reported, please create a new one.

I'm sorry I can't offer any workarounds, these are just bugs...


Peter Morozov (walkerru) said : #2

Thank you, Maren. Your third link describes my case. Is a bug from 2014

Can you help with this problem?

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