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Asked by Judy on 2009-01-04

I imported pdf file of a box..saved as svg file but get a blank box in scal ....

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pbhj (pbhj) said : #1

Please finish asking your quest ....

Judy (btails) said : #2

I dragged a pdf file of a box to cut out on cricut into inkscape......I saved the file as a svg and opened it into sure cuts alot to be able to cut out in cricut...there is nothing in the box on scal.....

did you saved it in "inkscape svg" or "plain svg"? try plain svg as it might be more compatible.

Judy (btails) said : #4

that didn't work either....thanks for trying to help though....very knew to this...

vonHalenbach (lustik) said : #5

Hello Judy, could you please provide an example pdf, which doesn't work in inkscape? Which version of inkscape do you use?

Judy (btails) said : #6

0.46 version...I downloaded a box to be cut out on cricut from can drag and drop it onton inkscape and save it but I just get an empty box when I bring it up into sure cuts alot...the box is one of the little folded paper boxes ...found them on this website too,,,, thanks so much !!

Is the box graphic a bitmap or a vector image?
When you import the PDF, it's a single image or you can ungroup it?

If it's not vector art, you won't be able to cut it. You should use the "trace bitmap" tool first to get vectors from the image.

Judy (btails) said : #8

all this is way over my head....I do lots of photos and those softwares but this is new to me...yes it breaks it into horizontal lines..this evening I will try the trace bitmap" toll...thanks so much !!!!

pbhj (pbhj) said : #9

Judy, you used the word "scal" a few times, what does it mean? I'm glad Gez was able to answer your questions I can't make head nor tail of them. What's "cricut" mean? Is it a software package for a cutter?

Judy (btails) said : #10

Sorry...scal is sure cuts alot...we import files from inkscape we have saved as an svg file into scal and we can cut them there..and yes cricut expression is a cutting machine made by provo craft....I was wondering how to break up pdf files in inkscape or if there is writing on the file how to erase them...haven't gotten time to try the trace bitmap button yet...thanks for asking and trying to help !!!

pbhj (pbhj) said : #11

Did some investigation into the software and the formats needed for vinyl craft cutters (, a review of the state of the art, and posted it on my blog - it's a bit OT and probably too long to include here. Hope that's OK - may not be useful to you Judy, but perhaps others? FWIW anyway.

anson lee (alee1982) said : #12

The down load worked perfectly. But when i try importing a PDF document Inkscape states not responding ?

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