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Asked by Marietta Walker on 2017-02-06

I would like to take the objects in one corner of the drawing and automatically flip and arrange it to all other corners. I know it should be a simple one-step process and I have looked at all the object options for arranging, aligning..etc. but I am not seeing it. I just need the symmetry options. Please point me in the right direction.

Thank you-Newbie

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Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #1

Hi Marietta,

to arrange an object to a page's corner, select the object.

Then, open the Align+Distribute dialog (Object -> Align and Distribute...).

Then, in the drop-down, select 'Page'.

Then, hit the buttons for aligning to right, left, top, bottom - depending on the corner where you want the object sit.

Kind Regards,

Marietta Walker (marietta) said : #2

Thanks Hachmann, that solved my question.

Marietta Walker (marietta) said : #3

Oops, I guess I did not ask all of my question.

In other programs you can draw one corner, group all the objects, then click a tool that will automatically let you Corner, by copying rotating and pasting the original drawing for you. Some call is Kaleidoscope and ask haw many time you want it repeated. I could even draw 1/8 of the drawing or 1/16th, click that button and viola, drawing done. Is there nothing like this in Inkscape? Can there be?

Best Mc (mc...) said : #4

There is the very powerful "tile clone" dialog that can do that. (edit->clone->create tiled clones)

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #5

Or the new 'Rotate copies' LPE can also do that, see release notes for Inkscape 0.92:

Marietta Walker (marietta) said : #6

You are very handy o have around. I will have to update my laptop! I am still at 9.1 on it. Very excited to try this.

Marietta Walker (marietta) said : #7

Thanks Mc, that solved my question.