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Asked by Larry Girty on 2017-02-04

I have 2 questions.

1. I would like to create custom template libraries and have them organized for users. Is this possible?
2. Is there a way to easily have these templates uploaded for new installs?


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Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #1

Hi Larry,

ad 1.) I'm unclear as to what you mean by 'template library' and 'organized'.

You can create custom templates, and provide them to users, with a set of instructions about where to place them (similar to the instructions given for extensions here:

Is that what you mean?

ad 2.) What do you mean by 'uploaded for new installs'? Something like an 'app store', for Inkscape-related custom things, like palettes, filters, extensions, etc.? There isn't anything like that (yet).
We do have a website where users can upload their additions to Inkscape, though, and there is also a section for templates:

If these guesses don't answer your question, please elaborate.

Kind Regards,

Larry Girty (larrygirty5022) said : #2

Thank Maren,

Let me clarify my question and intentions.

I am planning to promote the use of the Inkscape with a product that I sell. I have designed specific templates in Inkscape that I would like to offer to my customers. My question was asking if the is an easy way to allow these templates to be uploaded and organized for my customers?

Thanks in advance.

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #3

Hi Larry,

I'm sorry, I still don't get what you're asking... :-(

So, you want to sell the templates? Or the product the templates are made for?
If they're for sale, then of course it's not a good idea to publish them on the Inkscape website.

What do mean by 'upload and organize'? Do you need help setting up a website for your product?
Or do you need a script that installs the templates on your customers' computers?

Can you describe with a couple more words what you plan to do, and what functionality you're looking for from whom?

Kind Regards,

Larry Girty (larrygirty5022) said : #4

I am looking to offer the templates for free. My customers would be able to use these templates with my product.

I have created an install CD that allows them to install the Machine drivers, Inkscape software, and I was trying to create an executable to install templates.

Best Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #5

Hi Larry,

if the templates are supposed to /come with/ the product, I don't see a problem with just putting them into the extensions directory in the Inkscape software - just mark their origin and licence (and you must include Inkscape's licence file with the product, and make it easily possible for users to access the source code of the Inkscape version you ship, or include it).

Else you'd have to write a program that will either detect or create the user's template directory and copies your templates there. It can make use of the environment variable 'INKSCAPE_PROFILE_DIR' to detect where to put the templates.
You can also make it download the templates from the web.

If you want to sell your product for different systems, make sure that your executable (a short script will do the job) will be compatible with all of them (e.g. Windows, OS X, Linux).

Kind Regards,

Larry Girty (larrygirty5022) said : #6

Thanks Maren for the assistance. It is greatly appreciated.

Larry Girty (larrygirty5022) said : #7

Thanks Hachmann, that solved my question.