Søkeresultater "Last used style" and "This tool's own style" not working

Asked by dagrun on 2016-09-25

I've seen multiple questions of this problem in Inkscape already, and it's about "last used style" and "This tool's own style" don't seem to work. I've tried to delete the preferences, but with a new preferences style, I just got the black color back, and style will not store in the settings. My question is if this is still a bug, or do you have any solution for it? It is kind of annoying to change the color for every stroke, also the width of the bezier free draw and bezier tool.

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Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #1

Hi dagrun,

for me, on Ubuntu 14.04, with Inkscape 0.91, it works as expected (unless I use the path effect mode of the tools you mentioned).

Which Inkscape version?
Which operating system?
How do you set the style?
Does the preferences file work for other things?
Are you using the tools with Shape: none, or with some path effect (i.e. ellipse, triangle in, triangle out, from clipboard etc.)?


Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #2

Removed the bug about restarting. This is definitely not necessary for this to work.

dagrun (annna) said : #3

Inkscape 0.91
Windows 7 Ultimate

I set the style by double clicking the bezier tool and freehand tool after I've changed the line just drawed to my preference.

Yes, I do try to use it with the shapes triangle in and triangle out. The reason I think this should work also for tese are the posibility to set the style, in case it is only possible for use with "None" shape, it should maybe be grayed out or something?

In addition, triangle in = triangle out, no difference. It works fine for "None".

Hachmann (marenhachmann) said : #4

Yes, that's a known bug, I believe Jabier recently wrote on the mailing list that he would work on it.

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