Drawing a trapezium in precise millimeter

Asked by Per Olesen on 2008-06-18

Hi - How do I draw a trapezium in these precise measures:

the bottom line of the trapezium should be precise 7,8 centimeter (7 cm and 8 millimeters)
the top line of the trapezium should be precise 4,8 centimeter (4 cm and 8 millimeters)
the height of the trapezium should be precise 3,5 centimeter (3 cm and 5 millimeters)

I dont know what the angles should be but the easiest way I can explain is to say that the trapezium should be symmetric


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Best c (cjue) said : #1

Draw two horizontal lines and one vertical line with the pen tool, using the ctrl key to constrain the lines to horizontal and vertical.
Change to the selection tool and select one of the horizontal lines. In the contextual icon bar at the top of the screen, choose mm and type 78 in the width (W) box
Similarly, change the length of the other horizontal line.
Change the vertical line by selecting it and typing 35 in the height (H) box.
In File Document Properties, enable Snapping and the option to snap to paths.
Drag to snap the horizontal lines to each end of the vertical line.
Select all and Align to Center Axis via the Align and Distribute palette.
Select the pen tool again and draw lines at the ends of the horizontal lines to complete the trapezium.
Delete the center line.

Per Olesen (perolesen) said : #2

Thanks a lot to "c" - My English was a little rusty but I made the trapezium with the instructions from "c" - Per Olesen from Denmark