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Asked by ogi on 2008-06-11

How can I set the center of rotation to a specific coordiante ?
How can I retrieve the (absolute) center of rotation from the svg-file ?
There is a tag "inkscape:transform-center-x", but it seems to be relative coordinates to the
barycenter of the object. The center of rotation is moving when modifying the object.
It would be helpful to fix it to an absolute coordinate.
Is there a way ?
regards, ogi

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c (cjue) said : #1

Perhaps a workaround utilizing a bit of construction geometry:

1. Draw your object
2. Draw a rectangle with dimensions corresponding to the desired center of rotation location for your object relative to the lower left corner of the page
3. Move the rectangle to position 0,0 (lower left corner of the page) using the Object-Transform command in absolute mode
4. Turn snapping on in the File-Document Properties dialog and enable snapping to rotation centers
5. Drag your object so that its center of rotation snaps to the upper right corner of the rectangle

Does not fix the center of rotation in space when you modify the object but you can easily drag it back into place once the modifications are complete.


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Len B. (lbiggerstaff) said : #3

This is from the help for Inkscape 0.46:

"Object rotation
When in the Select tool, click on an object to see the scaling arrows, then click again on the object to see the rotation and shift arrows. If the arrows at the corners are clicked and dragged, the object will rotate around the center (shown as a cross mark). If you hold down the Shift key while doing this the rotation will occur around the oposite corner. You can also drag the rotation center to any place."

I find it works very well. The rotation center does not need to be inside of the object.

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