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Asked by genia on 2008-04-09


We would like to know how to type capital and small greek letters (for mathematical texts) in Inkscape.
We would also like to type indexs and exponents in the text.

Thanks in advance,

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Artem Popov
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Artem Popov (artfwo) said : #1

I think this is currently impossible to type these symbols directly in Inkscape, but you can copy them from the Character Map application.

Are you running Inkscape on Windows, Linux or another OS?

genia (genia-babykina) said : #2


I am using Windows. What is Character Map ? Can it be downloaded ?

Best Artem Popov (artfwo) said : #3

Ugh, I don't remember exactly (haven't used Windows for ages), but it should be available as part of the standart Windows distribution:

It should support greek at least, not sure about the exponent-numerals.

genia (genia-babykina) said : #4


Artem Popov (artfwo) said : #5

Never mind :)

By the way, the wikipedia page also has links to other charmap applications. You may also want to install some extra fonts, e. g. the DejaVu fonts, that contain sub/superscripted numeric characters like ⁴⁵⁶123₇₈₉, etc:

Jinx (jinx-neuf) said : #6

I there,

I currently have the same needed concerning greek letters to be typed in Inkscape. Unfortunaltly, the Windows Character Map does not work.

Does anybody has a workarround ?



genia (genia-babykina) said : #7

I think that I unfortunately switched to another software to do all this stuff... Sorry.

Jinx (jinx-neuf) said : #8

Hi genia !

Witch one are you now using ?

genia (genia-babykina) said : #9

I am using SigmaPlot. It's not free. Is it really urgent ? If you want I can make your graphs if you send me the data. Otherwise, I really didn't find the better solution... SigmaPlot is really great for graphs (less for schemas...)

Jinx (jinx-neuf) said : #10

Hi genia.

Tanks for your help proposal. I do not need to plot graph, only scheme.

I found on the internet a LaTex (able to manage greek letters) plug-in suitable for inkscape.

I'm experiencing trouble while installing this plug-in but I'm looking for to fix this prob.


genia (genia-babykina) said : #11

ah yep. y'a texz or stuff like that in latex. Package which makes schemas and co. I don't know if you know this...

Jinx (jinx-neuf) said : #12

nope, I don't know.


genia (genia-babykina) said : #13

I can't send the link now, it's at my work mail. I don't know if it is foundable on the internet, but I can send it on Monday if it is still interesting for you... recall : It is the week-end now :)

Jinx (jinx-neuf) said : #14

Genia, my email address is <email address hidden>. Feel free to send me the link when you want.... just in case.


genia (genia-babykina) said : #15

Ok. Sorry for not being operational... it is friday night here :)

Jinx (jinx-neuf) said : #16

here too. It's saturday (friday night) 00:28 am.

jockduchateau (jockduchateau) said : #17

Hi there,

It is an old FAQ but I have the same problem : I need to write with greek letters and sub- or superscripts in scientific diagrams.

I don't understand which solution is available for Inkscape... Please help me !! ^^

Best regards

Oleg Koptev (koptev-oleg) said : #18

You could use Character Map by your operation system.