Font editor gives name "font3933" to all SVG fonts.

Asked by Giorgi Tsomaia on 2014-10-03

I make SVG fonts using inkscape and then convert them to TTF using . I give the SVG font name, font-family name and the exporting file name. but when i install converted TTF font on my windows 7 it shows (on the left corner of the opened font window frame) another name font 3933 (OpenType) . When i want to install another font (which i made using the same way) the font overwrites to old font. is there any option to change this font 3933 name ?

I attached the picture "font3933.PNG" that may help you (and me).
thanks in advance.

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jazzynico (jazzynico) said : #1

I would be interesting to investigate where in your SVG file is an object called font3933 (very likely a font element with id="font3933"). Renaming it to the wanted font name would probably give good results.

Anyway, it seems the bug is not due to Inkscape itself, but to the way the online font converter uses the SVG file to extract the font name, and thus I'm converting the report to a question in the "Answers" section of the website.

jazzynico (jazzynico) said : #2

Could you please confirm replacing the font id attribute works for you too?

Giorgi Tsomaia (comaiagiorgi) said : #3

jazzynico, thank you so much. but i couldn't solve the problem. i've edited the fontstarter.svg file

       inkscape:label="font 1">

i changed the id but when i converted it to TTF it still shows "font3933" :(

please help me.. thanks a lot..

Best jazzynico (jazzynico) said : #4

Hi Giorgi,

I've just tested again, and replacing id="font3933" with id="myfont" in the original file works as expected, and the converted file is named myfont.ttf.
Did you remove the previous file from the Online font converter? The website remembers your last visit and keep your files in the downloaded list (just under the drag'n'drop zone).

Note that you may also need to rename the font-face element (some font managers use it):
         font-family="SVGFont 1" />

Here you can keep the existing id, but change the font-family attribute with the value you want to see displayed.

Giorgi Tsomaia (comaiagiorgi) said : #5

Hi jazzynico,
    yes, you are absolutely right. the solution you provided was exactly what i need. I made the mistake when i was converting my new (id-changed) SVG font.

Thank You So Much.
My Problem Solved.

Giorgi Tsomaia (comaiagiorgi) said : #6

Thanks jazzynico, that solved my question.