Fonts suddenly stopped working.

Asked by michelle baker on 2012-12-14

Fonts that were working fine earlier in the week stopped working. They show up in the font list, but when going to use them they do not show up and only show small dash like things. I do not get any error messages. Have not done any upgrades to anything on my computer that I can think of this week.

I also have tried to uninstall and reinstall inkscape and still having the same issue.

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michelle baker (michelle1990) said : #1

Fonts are working fine in other programs.

michelle baker (michelle1990) said : #2

Maybe some correlation between font type. Some fonts are working in inkscape. When looking in my fonts folder on Control Panel, fonts that do work in inkscape have true type. Ones that do not work now do not have a true type.

Best su_v (suv-lp) said : #3

See <>

A recent security update for Windows broke certain types of fonts in
many graphical applications (not only Inkscape is affected).

michelle baker (michelle1990) said : #4

Is this true for non windows 7 users? still running XP here.

michelle baker (michelle1990) said : #5

Thanks ~suv, that solved my question.

su_v (suv-lp) said : #6

On 14/12/2012 19:11, michelle baker wrote:
> michelle baker posted a new comment:
> Is this true for non windows 7 users? still running XP here.

Ad far as I know it affects _all_ Windows versions, including XP.