Why is my gradient disappearing when i move the object that it is in?

Asked by nayrhcrel on 2007-12-14

If I move or resize an object that has a gradient as the fill or stroke, The gradient does not move when i move the object. If I move the object outside the range of the gradient, it disappears completely. How do I fix this?

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Ryan Lerch
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Best Ryan Lerch (ryanlerch) said : #1

"You have the "transform gradients" button toggled off in the Selector tool's controls bar (above the canvas). That's the mode in which transforming an object does not affect the gradients - they stay in the original place relative to canvas and therefore may seem to "disappear" if you move the object. Toggle it back on and it will work as you expect." - from the The Inkscape Wiki FAQ ( http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/FAQ )

nayrhcrel (ryan-lennox) said : #2

Thanks Ryan Lerch, that solved my question.

Robin (talvenloppu) said : #3


With the "Create and Edit Gradients" tool active the "tool menu" enables the creation of gradients and for gradients to be picked and applied. I can't see a "Transform Gradients" button :(
This is how the toolbar appears for me: The word "New:"; a square with a linear gradient; a square with a radial gradient; the word "on"; a box with a bluie gradient; a box with only a partial outline; the word "Change:"; a box with a drop down of gradients; the word "Edit..".

Any more advice?


p.s. Is it a coincidence that Nayrhcrel is an annagram of Ryan Lerch? :D

Gar's Space (jasonftalbert) said : #4

Thank you.

Mirza Keserovic (mirza-king) said : #5

I had that same problem that bothered me for a very long time now. Finally I am free to move my objects around as I please. Thanks.

SURAJIT BHAKTA (surajit697) said : #6

To Robin and Mirza,
You people are trying to find the "Transform Gradients" button with selecting the gradient of the object. Try to deselct the gradient and select the object you created, and there you will find in the tool option, the horizontal and vertical position of your object, the width and height of the object and then the unit, and then a new submenu of the tool option, "Affect", besides which you will find four buttons named, "scaled the stroke", "scale the radius of rounded corners", "move gradient" and "move pattern". In the last sentence which I mentioned as the four buttons, the names are not the same as I wrote, those are the meaning of the tips I see when I mouse over those buttons.

I think this will help you people to solve the problem.
Thank you.

Robin (talvenloppu) said : #7

Thanks Surajit