How much is "1 pixel"?

Asked by Mercury on 2007-12-09

1. Where is image DPI taken from? Can I change it? How much is "1 pixel" - in inches, in millimeters, in whatever units in real life?
2. If I change DPI on my computer (for example, to make fonts larger), what will happen to the pictures I open?

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Jon A. Cruz (jon-joncruz) said : #1

1 'pixel' is a px unit from CSS, and are relative to the viewing device. Something viewing an SVG file may base its size on the actual (or believed) physical dimensions, or it base something on a default. One common default is 90DPI. Another is 72 DPI.

Inkscape uses an assumed DPI of 90. That means a conversion from px to pt is * 0.8.

If you change DPI on your computer, some things that show SVG files will adjust, but some will not.

Bryce Harrington (bryce) said : #2

Assuming solved due to no further feedback from requestor

Tom Davidson (tjd-mit) said : #3

See bug 166970 , a request to have screen DPI be discovered and respected by Inkscape.