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Asked by pbhj on 2011-06-20

We're beginning to get a few oft repeated questions in the Inkscape "answers" section.

Can we use the FAQs function to pre-empt some of these questions - I'd be happy to create a few entries if necessary - thus saving some time and making for easier access for users to extra info about basic functionality.


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jazzynico (jazzynico) said : #1

Some FAQs were added some times ago, but since we already have an official FAQ, I feel like it's doing the same twice. On the other hand, LP faqs can be easily linked to the questions, while the official FAQ's links must be writen in the message body. Thus improving the LP version (and then updating the official one) could be convenient indeed.

pbhj (pbhj) said : #2

Could we mirror the official FAQs here initially, then flip things around and use the LP FAQs to update the official ones (in part). It just seems like there is a good FAQ system, there are some oft-repeated questions, why not use the system to it's fullest to reduce repetition.

Am happy to start linking people back to the site FAQs if that is preferred (ie

Incidentally looking at those FAQ now, they need reformatting a bit for readability IMO (break the questions apart a bit with better heading definition), but also they don't appear to be genuinely FAQ. Important info but perhaps not hitting what is most often asked?

I don't want to be a nuisance or make out that this is necessarily high-priority just want to be sure that things are working as smooth as practical in this area.

su_v (suv-lp) said : #3

Related questions have also been discussed (but IIRC no real decision was made) in a thread about the new inkscape web site:

pbhj (pbhj) said : #4

OK, thanks.

su_v (suv-lp) said : #5

> I don't want to be a nuisance …

You certainly aren't ;) - the opposite: your continuous efforts to help with answering the questions here are highly appreciated and valuable.

> … or make out that this is necessarily high-priority

ISTM that these frequently asked questions are of high importance. Personally I simply don't know how to best address the current situation:
a) The FAQ in the wiki is partially outdated and doesn't cover more recent problems frequently asked about.
b) The pending web site migration (I opposed to simply drop the information in the current FAQ as 'invalid' or 'irrelevant' and use yet another (external) service to build up a new database of FAQs: at the time that was proposed on the mailing list it made more sense to me to reuse what we already have)
c) The 'Answers' section of Launchpad does allow to easily turn questions into FAQs - does it also allow to structure the FAQs into sections, to allow other access than based on a (apparently simple) search for strings [1]?

Maybe for the moment we could use both, the FAQ in the wiki (current state, updating it if one comes across an outdated answer, or adding the Inkscape version number the answer relates to), as well as the service offered by Launchpad. Here at Launchpad, we could build up a current list of recent FAQs, which could be added later to the FAQ migrated to the new web site?

[1] The internal 'Search' function especially here in Launchpad's 'Answers' section apparently does not consider given answers - e.g. it never helps me to find earlier answers given unless I remember exact keywords from the original question.